What My Clients Are Saying

Theresa Connolly 

Age: 53

Profession: Occupational Therapist

50 lbs. Weight Loss

    ".....Prior to my personal training experience, I attended several group exercise classes on a weekly basis and thought I was working very hard, but never lost any weight. Despite being overweight, I thought I was in pretty good physical condition. However, after completing a workout with Keith, I realized that I had not been working to my full potential. Keith is very knowledgable and educated me on how to make major changes to my diet. The combination of the physical training and nutritional guidance enabled me to reach my fitness goals and finally lose the unwanted weight. I trained with Keith twice per week for seven months starting in August of 2010. Throughout that time I lost a total of 50 lbs body fat. It was a....steady process resulting in a weight loss of about 8-10 lbs. per month. After each session, I felt physically challenged and mentally satisfied with my achievement. Not only did I lose a significant amount of fat, I also built muscle.  

    Currently, I spend a lot of time at the gym to maintain the benefits I have achieved as a result of my personal training program. I once again look forward to exciting days on the mountain skiing as I had in my younger days . I would recommend training with Keith to anyone who is currently frustrated with their inability to reach their fitness goals. Why waste precious time and energy when you could be more productive and get to where you want to be?"



Vinny Dispigno

Age 29

70 lbs Weight Loss

"I met Keith in 2007. I had asked for personal training as a graduation gift after college. I had put on considerable weight in my time away at school and was 237 lbs. I had a different trainer at Bally’s at first, but he didn’t quite understand my fitness needs and goals. After that experiment didn’t work Keith stepped in to take over my training sessions. He was patient, honest, and genuinely cared that I was getting the results I was seeking. After a few weeks we’d established a great working relationship. He spoke to me as an equal and showed me how to take each next step on the path to becoming healthy. It’s 2012 and I’m 165 lbs, play softball, dodge ball and hockey at a level I never thought possible. I also have the confidence to take on any challenge in life from dating to work to all of the everyday challenges we all face."

Bill Troiano

Age 61

Professioin: Music Teacher








“A few years ago I faced a problem with my lower back, which affected my life tremendously. I thought I would not be able to live a normal life and would be very limited in my career as a performer. After a few months of training with Keith, however, I was convinced that it is possible to get back on track. In a year it seemed that I’ve changed completely, not only was I able to walk, bend and sleep with no pain, but I discovered that it is possible for me to dance again. My happiness and satisfaction over achieved results were further enhanced when I looked at myself at the mirror and saw myself as I always wanted to look like.”

Elena Mindlena

Age 31

Profession: Classical Singer

"At age 58, I decided to join a gym to get into shape. As I never did this before, I had no idea what to do. I signed up for training sessions with Keith Serin. Keith is a knowledgable and dedicated trainer who trains hard to keep himself in top shape. Keith didn't explain a lot in the beginning, but he quickly had me doing strength training and cardio. As I progressed, he would explain things to me and I would realize why we did what we did in the beginning. He worked me hard, but he knew when to let the 58 year old rest a bit. Through Keith, my body took on a more defined look as my arms and chest got bigger and my waist got smaller. I learned the basics of training and how to keep myself in shape through nutrition. At 61, I now live in Texas and I continue to work out as Keith made me realize how to make training a daily part of my life. I continue to use Keith's training ideas and methods in my daily workouts."

Derek Cleveland

Age: 24

College Student

75 lbs Weight Loss


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