About Me     

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition Coach

  • ASHI: CPR, AED, Basic First Aid



Wellness was not a value of mine for the first 13 years of life. My nutritional intake was undernourishing and much of my recreational activity consisted of playing video games. Consequently, by the 6th grade, I had grown obese. This made me a prime target for school bullying. Concerned about my health status and poor self-esteem, my mother started cooking healthier meals and enrolled me in swimming lessons. Within seven months, I had lost nearly 30 lbs of body fat, and exercise no longer felt torturous. I felt empowered by the transformation and surge of vitality, as I did not have a concept of health until I experienced it. 


At 16, I progressed to joining a health club and quickly built a physique impressive enough that many of my peers in high school and the gym regularly sought me out for fitness-related advice. This was the polar opposite to my social interactions in middle school. Taking pride in mentorships, I eventually decided to make my newfound passion a career and became a personal trainer in 2007. Out of the variety of fitness goals I helped my cilents attain, improving the wellness of the elderly and those with chronic health issues, such as obesity and heart disease, was the most rewarding. My goal is to give them the experience of radically changing the course of their health trajectory as I had initiated with my 6th grade swimming lessons. 


My fitness journey has introduced me to many hobbies outside the gym, most notably my love for outdoor activities: mountaineering, trail running, rock climbing, white water rafting, obstacle course races, and scuba diving. This gives my vigorous effort in the gym a greater purpose, which motivates me to regulary set new fitness goals, an enthusiasm I strive to conjure up in my clients. 





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